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Efforts Being Made by Neighbors to Keep our Guests and Employees Safe & Healthy

In an effort to remove shared contact surfaces, provide adequate social distancing, and minimize direct contact with your food and beverages, Neighbors has taken the following actions

Dining Room Guests

Tables and Menus are cleaned and sanitized after each use
Dine In orders are prepared and plated by gloved employees
Cleaning of commonly touched surfaces happens every 30 minutes
Using proven disinfectant cleaner on all surfaces
Seating guests at every other table to ensure we provide adequate social distancing
All sauce and condiment caddies removed from tables and cleaned between use

Carry Out / Curbside Delivery / Home Delivery Guests

Takeout and Delivery orders are prepared and packaged by gloved employees
Single use menus now standard
Packaging is closed to tampering
Simplified menu offerings to make your choices easier